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Berkeley Ridge Vacation Rentals was founded by husband-wife duo, Jennifer and Aaron Bills. What started as the perfect getaway not far from D.C. turned into a deep love for a beautiful part of the West Virginia hillside. Nestled in the rolling landscape near Cacapon Mountain, Berkeley Ridge is a pair of properties on an impressive parcel of 120 acres.


Aaron and Jennifer fell in love with the walking trails and winding landscape that allowed them to reconnect with nature, enjoy the quiet, and escape their rushed lives. Berkeley Ridge is their way of sharing that with their guests - a reprieve from busy lives, a chance to gather with friends and loved ones, and a resting place to marvel at the beauty of nature. 

History of the Area

Morgan County was formed in 1820 and named in honor of General Daniel Morgan, a prominent soldier of the American Revolutionary War. The area was surveyed in 1748 by a party of surveyors that included George Washington, who was just 16-years-old at the time. 

Located in the panhandle region of West Virginia, Berkeley Springs serves as the county seat for Morgan County. Berkeley Springs is known for its lush landscape, mountains and hills, warm springs, and many rivers, streams, and is nicknamed "America's First Spa" as many visited the area to bathe in the warm springs that were believed to have medicinal properties. Today, it is still a favorite vacation destination. 

We purchased the property in 2013 from a fabulous couple - Frank and Eleanor – who had acquired it in the early 1970s. Frank was an architect and engineer and worked for Marriott. He traveled a lot and he and his wife wanted a quiet, restful place to come for the weekend when they left their home in Bethesda, MD.  He shared it with his children and later with their families. However, by the time it was put on the market, his family had all moved to other states. 


Frank was a great steward of the property and took great pride in caring for it. We shared his perspectives and are doing our best to carry on the stewardship of the lands and also to share this beautiful place with others that can enjoy it. Join us in appreciating this special place and making memories and experiences for you, your family, and your friends.  ~Aaron and Jennifer

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